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The MilesMentor Course

You'll Learn How to Travel More, Travel Better, Pay Less

We have heard you!  The amount of information out there on this topic is overwhelming!  So we have created a 7-week guided course that should allow you to digest this information in a timed learning approach.

You can have the luxury travel experiences you've dreamed of and pay less than you could believe. We'll show you how in a step-by-step course.

In Our 7-Week Course...

Learn how to have a travel strategy, accumulate points, book trips, spend your points wisely and travel for free.

For less than the cost of a coach flight to Europe you can unlock dream travel for years to come!

We launch 5 Cohorts a year. The course is $1,249 and you join a community that is dedicated to learning the secrets of free luxury travel. 


  • 1-Hour Content Releases Each Saturday
  • Mini Video Lessons throughout the week
  • Friday "Quiz" to Check Your Learning
  • Cheat Sheets to apply what you learned when booking your dream travel!
  • Twice Monthly calls with the Mentor to get your questions answered

In 90 Minutes a Week, You'll Learn How To:

Master the art of luxury travel and let your credit card spending take you on a luxury trip.

Joining a Cohort gives you access to a community of like-minded travelers and an expert (the Mentor himself!) who will teach you all the know-how you need to book the luxury travel of your dreams.


Unlock your ability to...

  Travel More
  Travel Better
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  Pay Less
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We've Helped People Like You Achieve Their Travel Dreams

“Six months later... my family was flying first class to Vienna for a 10-day sojourn through Austria and the Czech Republic. $60K worth of travel benefits on that one trip alone - all on points.”

~ Beth  

Thanks to MilesMentor’s fantastic fund of knowledge, my assistants and I have been able to secure business class seats on every international flight during the past several years with a minimum of cash outlay, and my family has saved tens of thousands of dollars on our personal flights.

What You Can Expect From Our Course

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How it Works
  1. Sign up for the course
  2. Spend 90 minutes a week watching videos, learning, and taking quizzes to master the content
  3. Connect with the community
  4. Get a weekly cheat sheet


So you can...

Book luxury travel (hotel and flights!) to destinations that are on your bucket list.

Find Flights
Accumulate Points
And More


The MilesMentor Cohort provides a guided learning experience in the company of like-minded travelers, and with the guidance of the Mentor, who brings a wealth of knowledge, and guides you on your journey toward low-cost or free Luxury Travel.

The self guided course is set for 7 weeks, and paced for you to work on it for about an 90-minutes a day. You will also be having biweekly Q&As with Roger, The Mentor, to help you address any questions or concerns that may arise during your self guided study of the material.

Yes, absolutely. There are no strict deadlines or timelines. We recommend putting in about 90-minutes per week, so that you can advance with your cohort, and keep up during the Q&As. 

Many of our members join the cohort to advance their business goals, such as saving on business travel, and enjoying the perks. You can have your assistant or one of your team members take the course, so that they can apply their knowledge to further your goals.

There are no minimum credit score requirements to join the cohort. However, we do recommend a 700+ credit score for you to qualify for the high reward credit card programs that the MilesMentor Way gives you insight on.

Many of our participants do not spend more than their usual spend to benefit from the reward systems of credit cards out there. There are many ways to earn points on your credit cards, such as rent, tax bills, and others, that often get overlooked. The MilesMentor Way will help yout maximize your rewards with every cent spent.

The Cohort is made up by like-minded travelers, of which many are business owners, and guided by Roger, the Mentor. You can expect to engage with your cohort and Roger on a biweekly basis.

There are ways for you to earn enough points within a couple months and book the travel you desire. While many members plan ahead for their travel, that is not a requirement for you to participate in the Cohort.

Yes, the MilesMentor Way teaches you how to travel in class, whether that is flying in Business Class, or enjoying a 5-Star resort, or both, you will be equipped with the know-how to make that dream become a reality.

In one trip alone, you will have 2 or 3xed your investment into this program. Most of our members have saved thousands and tens of thousands of dollars on their luxury trips.

Upcoming Cohorts


May 4, 2024

Seats available: SOLD OUT!

Early Bird Pricing Available

July 13, 2024

Seats available: 52

Early Bird Pricing Available

October 5, 2024

Seats available: 91

Early Bird Pricing Available

January 4, 2025

Seats available: 100

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Thanks to MilesMentor’s fantastic fund of knowledge, my assistants and I have been able to secure business class seats on every international flight during the past several years with a minimum of cash outlay, and my family has saved tens… “Mary”


I’ve enjoyed my business class flights over to Europe using my travel points. MilesMentor has always been a wealth of information to help me make the best plan. Recently, I began planning a trip to Bali, and they went above… “Laura”


Just recently, my wife, two kids, and I went on a week-long trip to Maui, Hawaii. They helped me find open award seats on the EXACT flight we wanted to take and then showed me step-by-step how to transfer my… “Jordan”


I will never forget the first time I sat down with MilesMentor… six months later my family was flying first class to Vienna for a 10-day sojourn through Austria and the Czech Republic.  Between the flights, hotels, rental cars, and… “Beth”


MilesMentor Guarantee:

When you use our information, we guarantee we will save you more money than you spend with us.