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The EOSⓇ Life- How to make the most of your business and travel the world

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How can we build the lives of our dreams? 


We want our businesses to succeed and grow, and enjoy that success in our personal lives, as reflected in our ability to allocate time to people, hobbies, and activities we love. 


What is the EOS Life?


The EOS Life is a philosophy for building the ideal life as an entrepreneur. It focuses on these five pillars to guide entrepreneurs toward their best lives: 

  1. Doing what we love to do
  2. With the people we love
  3. With time for other passions
  4. Compensated appropriately for our work
  5. While making a huge difference


The MilesMentor Community helps entrepreneurs build their ideal lives by making luxury travel easy to learn and affordable, so that you can take more time to explore the world with people you love and build strong relationships as you grow your business. 



Why is Travel so important?


Travel is such an essential part of our lives in this interconnected and boundless world. It is the ultimate path to personal development and a way for us to gain perspective for our businesses and lives. The skills we learn, and the worlds we are exposed to on our trips pay dividends to the expansion of our mindsets and businesses.


MilesMentor is fostering a community of like-minded travelers and entrepreneurs who are passionate about building the lives they desire. Through guided learning, we provide the tools and knowledge for you to navigate the waters of luxury travel, so that you can not only build the life you deserve, but also get there in First Class!


For many of our community members, their membership with MilesMentor helps them accomplish three of the pillars of the EOS Life Framework. 

Doing What You Love: Travel is essential to foster in-person connections with clients, friends and family alike. 


With People You Love: Your trips can help you build meaningful relationships with your colleagues, friends and family.


With Time For Other Passions: Getting outside your office and comfort zone are key to your growth as a person and entrepreneur. 


Like Luxury Travel!


MilesMentor turns Luxury Travel into a lifestyle, so that you can create your EOSⓇ Life with ease, and get there in style, every single time. 


Check out the Quick Start Course here,  and unlock the secrets of Luxury Travel at a fraction of the price




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